The impact of US-China relations in light of conflict and cooperation on the international political system

  • 09 Mar 2021
  • Recently published Research - Law


Khaled Albatran

Published in

Al Baath University Journal, Legal Sciences Series, Volume 42, Issue 25, November 2020.


The study aimed to highlight the status of China as an active and influential force in the international arena, and the role that China can play was highlighted and changed in the features of the future of the international system as a strong and unconvincing country, especially in light of the growing economic, political and military strength.

And the study answered the main question: Will China become the first major competitor to the international system and limit American hegemony in light of its ingredients to play that role.

The study dealt with the analysis of the dimensions of the US-China relations, the possibilities of conflict or cooperation between them at the international level, as China has been striving for years to build its international position and reach the possibility of changing the shape of the new international system.

The study found:

1-China managed to achieve an increasing start in all fields from the rise to the ranks of the great powers until it reached the second largest economic power after the United States of America and the third nuclear power after the United States and Russia.

2- Establishing and developing economic, global and technological cooperation with Southeast Asia and Asia.

3- It is difficult to reduce US-China relations to zero equations.

4- The US-China relations will remain in a framework of cooperation and competition between them.

5- China is able to reach a peaceful solution to its problems with Taiwan, especially after it passed a national security law.

Keywords: emerging powers, the new international order, balance of power, international conflict.

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