The applicable law in relation to international electronic contracts disputes "An analytical study of the relevant Syrian legislative texts"

  • 03 Feb 2023
  • Ongoing Research - Law

Wafaa Falhout


Post Graduate Studies & Research Council Meeting No. 3, 23/1/2023

Date of Acceptance


This research shows an analytical study of the text of the two articles: Article (11) of the Syrian e-Transactions Law No. 3 of 2014, and article (20) of the Syrian Civil Law No. 84 of 1949, considering what is stated in Article (11) of the Syrian e-Transactions Law as a reference to the rules of Private international law that are set out in the provisions of the civil law, this is in the context of determining the applicable law in the absence of the law of will.

Leaving aside the laws conflict rule related to the eligibility of the contracting parties mentioned in Article (12) of the Syrian Civil law, as well as the laws conflict rule related to the form of contracts mentioned in Article (21) of the same law, the importance of this research will appear to us through its attempt to reveal the appropriateness of the rule of the laws conflict mentioned In Article (20) of the Syrian civil Law, which is related to the substantive aspect of contracts, taking into account the special nature of electronic international contracts, especially in terms of determining the scope of the contracting parties’ will, in order to demonstrate the possibility of applying legal rules that belong to substantive electronic international law, and then to demonstrate the provision of that possibility between the text and the demands of reality.