About AIU

AIU - President’s Message


Dear students,

I am very proud to welcome you all to our noble university that embraces sophistication and urbanity. Arab International University (AIU) is, and has for ten years, been taking the necessary promising steps towards achieving a thriving and prosperous educational environment, which has so far, been a great success due to the sophisticated educational framework, and the ambition of its determined students who are striving wholeheartedly to acquire all the knowledge they can from their professors.

AIU was established under Presidential Decree No. 193, dated 06/05/2005 as a leading institution of higher education and a mainstay for boosting scientific potentials. We offer an outstanding educational system that clicks perfectly with the needs of our academic and social community, a community that encourages creativity and originality in the fields of scientific research, career development and community service.  AIU was inaugurated at the beginning of 2006 and comprised only three faculties: Pharmacy, Informatics Engineering and Business Management, it soon after expanded to include Architectural Engineering, Civil Engineering and Arts.

The first and foremost priority of AIU is to grant students the best possible education. The university provides a reliable academic advisory system run by highly-qualified teachers to best benefit our students and help them progress. AIU has also taken on the most up-to-date programs in order to keep pace with the global scientific progress and to be in line with labor market requirements and its social needs.

AIU, which was built according to the highest local and international standards, has undertaken to adopt the most up-to-date programs and courses. It comprises several classrooms and science labs equipped with latest methods that meet the requirements of the finest educational curricula set by the Ministry of Higher Education, the university is still exerting all its efforts to further modernize and develop its educational process for its students.

AIU has widely invested in Academic Research and encouraged certain faculty members to pursue practical and applied research. And so we are inviting all our undergraduates to participate in their professors’ academic researching, which will allow them to pursue higher studies or acquire their sought after job once they graduate.

Finally, we would like to wish our students all the best and hope they continue to thrive and prosper. We want all our students to know that AIU will do all it can to make sure its students receive the best possible education, and to reach this goal, we would love to hear any comments or suggestions concerning their faculties and divisions, AIU will spare no effort in offering whatever it can to provide the best educational environment for its students.