AIU - Health Care System

Health insurance is optional with the insurance companies credited by the university, and with well-examined prices. The university also provides a variety of medical services, preventive and ambulatory treatments within campus in a medical centre that includes a clinic, a laboratory for medical analysis and a pharmacy.

  • Benefits of Having Health Insurance Card (conditions set for students) Credited Medical
  • Network by Al-Theqa Company (Network)
  • Refunding Sample When Used from the Outside of the Medical Network (Students'
  • Refunding Sample)Complaints Sample in case of any notice or any mistake in dealing with the health insurance subscriber (Complaints Sample)


  • Mr. Ahmed Dali Ali from the main administration office is in charge of keeping track of the health insurance file. You can contact him on ( 6123558 ex: 107 )
  •  The starting date of the insurance policy for all subscribers for this year is 19/10/2016. Therefore, all values spent from 19/10/2016 until the date of receiving the card are refundable from the insurance company, this takes place by filling in the Refunding Sample attached to this email, and kindly resend it to Mr. Ahmed Dali Ali.
  •  Pharmacy students have to visit the clinic of Dr. Aref Kreideli to obtain the special coupon to see a specialized doctor if needed.
  •  All students except for Pharmacy students have to pay a visit to Dr. Isam Al-Homsy's  in Civil Faculty to get a special coupon for visiting a specialized doctor if needed.