International Relations Office

  Mission and Objectives

The Mission of the International Relations Office at Arab International University (AIU), revolves around Internationalization and focuses on the following two objectives:

1. Promoting AIU students’ as well as staff members’ eligibility, experience and knowledge of international culture.

2. Establishing study, training and job opportunities for all university students and employees to enable them, through Exchange or Higher Education programs, to further continue their studies/work abroad.


The mission of the International Relations Office at AIU lays focus on the following aspects: 

  1. Building and managing international networks.
  2. Planning the structure of International Relations.
  3. Preparing strategies and notions for Internationalization.
  4. Organizing and executing international workshops.
  5. Forming and fortifying connections with program-funding organizations
  6. Collecting and reconstructing projects to support international cooperation.
  7. Planning and preparing funding project proposals.

 The International Relations Office collaborates with the following authorities when executing its mission: 

 AIU Faculties:  

The International Relations Office works together with AIU faculties to assure students and employees nominated for rehabilitation, fulfill the conditions and possess all the capabilities required by concluded cooperative agreements. AIU faculties also provide the necessary funds for related international projects.

AIU Dean

Here, forces are joined to assure official university representation is available according to scientific agreements and international programs.

 Partners, donors, nationalists and internationalists

  1. To provide a framework for partner projects in the field of teaching, research and employment seeing as it usually operates within Bilateral or multinational networks.
  2. To provide necessary funding required by local and national donors.