About AIU

University Location & Infrastructure

 Arab International University (AIU), was established under presidential decree Number 193, issued on 6-5-2005. All its study systems and documents are validated and authenticated by the Ministry of higher education of the Syrian Arab Republic.

AIU is located on the highway between Damascus and Daraa (Gabagheb), about 35 kilometers through Damascus. It covers an area of 713395 KM squared. The table below displays the total land area of the university.


Axes  Area (square meters)
The total land area 713 395
 The actual invested land area (in use) 218 158 
The recent non-invested land area 495 237
The University floor area 71 150

 AIU strives to maintain all the technical and architectural aspects in its campus design. It includes scientific, language and computer laboratories, along with 80 classrooms stretching over a land area of 5465 meters squared, and is set with all state-of-the art systems and equipment which significantly leverages students’ academic work performance.