About AIU

Former Presidents




Prof. Dr. Mohamad  Maher Kabakibi

Term of office: 2013 - 2017






Prof.Dr.Ahmad Samir AlNouri

Term of office: 2012 - 2013

CV:A Ph.D holder in Medical Chemistry of Pharmaceutical Drugs, France. Previously: Director of pharmaceutical drug department. Pharmacy Faculty, vice dean for academic affairs. Syrian Pharmacists Syndicate Chair.  Director of Arab Pharmacists Union. Professor al-Nouri is author of several peer-reviewed studies and academic books. He has supervised different PhD’s and master dissertations. In addition, he is member of PhD and Master's Degree  dissertation committee specialized in history of early Arabic medicine in the Higher Institute of the History of Arabic Science.   




Prof. Dr. Abdul Ghani Maa Bared

Term of office: 2006 - 2012

C.V: Ph.D holder in pharmacy from Germany  Previously: Professor in pharmacy faculty, Damascus University and Arab International University (AIU). Vice dean of pharmacy faculty, Damascus University. Dean of pharmacy faculty, Damascus University. Founder and director of Syrian Clinical Laboratory Association Secretary General of the Union of Arab Pharmacists  Chair of Syrian Pharmacist Syndicate President of Damascus University and AIU Currently: Founder and director of Syrian Society of German Universities Graduates. Member of Drugs Technical Committee and Supreme Council of Health. Vice president of AIU for International Affairs and Scientific Research.