AIU Congratulates the Outstanding Student Noureddine Kahlous

AIU Congratulates the Outstanding Student Noureddine Kahlous


The Arab International University (AIU) is honored to congratulate the outstanding student Noureddine Kahlous, a graduate of the Faculty of Pharmacy 2015-2016, and his colleagues for publishing a research in the American journal Assay and Drug Development with the title: "Using Cheminformatics, Bioinformatics, and Bioassay to Predict and Explain the Antibacterial Activity of Nonantibiotic Food and Drug technologies''

The research is about the use of information programs from Administration Drugs Company which doesn't use FDA as bio-antibiotics to predict the antimicrobial effect of Open Eye Scientific Software medicines, currently available in the market in addition to confirming these expectations by conducting laboratory experiments on germs

Research Results
•       Detecting new antibacterial effects for the following medicines:
-  Drotaverine (antispasmodic)
- Metoclopramide (antagonist)

•       Confirming 8 previously discovered effects and interpreting these results by predicting that these components are associated with antibiotic receptors targeted by antibiotics.

The research was supported by the Deanship of Scientific Research at the Arab International University. With the supervision of a number of doctors and professors, Noureddine Kahlous succeeded in completing his research despite all the circumstances he had encountered leavening a fingerprint locally and internationally in the outset of his academic journey and bringing sheer attention of a  multitude of scientific sites and journals to it.

Research Team:
•       Pharmacists: Noureddine Kahlous, Mohamed El-Mehdi Bouarsh, Mohamed Arabi Sarhan (Faculty of Pharmacy, The Arab International University).

•       Dr. Manfred Cooper, Dr. Mazen Rajab (the research supervisor). Faculty members of the Faculty of Pharmacy at the Arab International University.

•       Dr. Ali Hassaba, a research fellow at the Department of Laboratory Science at Massachusette University in America

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