Electronic Registration Guide for the First Semester 2018

Electronic Registration Guide for the First Semester 2018


The University Administration congratulates the successful students and graduates in the third semester of 2017-2018 and welcomes the students wishing to register in the first semester of 2018-2019 according to the following instructions:


  • Registration for the first semester of 2018 starts from Saturday morning, 22/09/2018 for students of the Faculty of Pharmacy only, and Sunday, 23/09/2018 for the remaining colleges and ends on Thursday, 27/09/2018 in all faculties. The student who is late to register during this period is liable to pay a financial fine after obtaining the explanation of the Dean of the College for late registration. The student shall be responsible for compensating the missed content of the course.
  • Registration for the first semester 20181 will be remotely conducted "electronically" through the electronic gate EDUGATE, the exception is for students obliged for manual registration (who register under the guidance of the Committee on Academic Advising in college). Students can register through the university web site via the "Student Area", and enter the page and choose "e - registration service link".
  • Students who don't have Internet access in their homes, can register at the colleges within the computer labs equipped with internet access and allocated for this purpose during the registration period (from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm).
  • Students who are expected to graduate at the end of the semester 20181 are advised to expedite the registration of their courses on the first day of registration to reserve their places before filling the classes up.
  • Students who register through the portal can only delete and add courses directly during the registration period. Students who are registered manually by the Academic Advising Committee and college staff should check with the Deanship if they need any amendment to their timetables.



Terms and Conditions of Registration Process:

  • The student should state desire to subscribe to the transport service by checking the word yes or no through the Student Area. If left blank, students won't be able to continue registering.
  • The student must be financially clear from the previous semester and pay the following advance payment before 17/09/2018 :


First: Students joining the university from the year 2005 and up to 2013:


SYP 150,000 for all colleges.


Second: Students joining the university from the academic year 2014 until 2017:

  • SYP 350,000 for the College of Pharmacy
  • SYP 250,000 for other colleges

Or supplement the amount in the event of a previous balance ( before 17/09/2018 )


  • Payment shall be made exclusively before 17/09/2018 at one of the following banks approved by the University:
    • Real Estate Bank - Cooperative Branch, Account No . : CK1-10058645
    • Arab Bank - Syria, Account Number : 202/31789/760/6010/000
  • A student who has the above amount can register through the portal if he is not required to register manually.


  • Students of the Faculty of Information and Communication Engineering who have completed 134 credit hours or more and have not determined their exact specialization, especially students who are expected to graduate at the end of the first semester 2018-2019, must see Ms. Noor El-Hoda Alyousf (head of the faculty) in order to determine their exact specialization before registration begins.


Study load (number of hours to be registered) : Based on Article 18 of the Unified Examination System issued by the Higher Education Council Decision No. 21 of 2014, students in all faculties are entitled to register the number of hours shown in the following table: (unless the student is placed on probationn)


Average in the previous semester

The minimum hours possible for registration

The maximum hours possible for registration


12 hours

18 hours


12 hours

21 hours


Study load of students expected to graduate by the end of the semester 20181:

  • Students who are admitted to the university before 2012-2013 can register a maximum of 25 credit hours under the written approval of the dean of the college, where the student registers 18 hours electronically or manually (within the college) and the remaining hours are registered through the Directorate of Admission and Registration by written request signed by the Dean of the College.
  • Students admitted to the university from the year 2012-2103: can register / 21 / h maximum on the basis of the decision of the Higher Education Council No. / 21 / for the year 2014.


  • Students (fresher and transferred) accepted in the first semester of the year 2018-2019 will be registered manually by the college employee so that the academic load for each of them is between 12 up to 18 credit hours after confirmation of their submission to the English language placement test  to determine the English language level and register  in the specified level.


  • To successfully complete registration, please follow these instructions:
    • Students who do not complete the English language level will be required to register the course according to the level reached until the end of the third semester 20173. If this course is not registered, the registration will be canceled.
    • Students who have failed in more than one compulsory course must first start their courses (with the aim of improving their GPA and opening other subjects in subsequent classes ), with emphasis on the fact that the academic guidance committees at the colleges will investigate the accuracy of this issue.
    • Students with conditional success in more than 10 courses will have to re-register some of these courses through the Academic Guidance Committees of the Colleges.
    • Students who have Incomplete (I) courses shall go to the Department of the College for the settlement of the status of these decisions, otherwise it will be converted to Failing Subjects (F) on the academic system at the end of the third week of the start of the season. 
    • It is recommended to register the Academic Writing and Research Course ( AWR ) for students who have successfully passed the third level of English.
    • Students wishing to postpone the first semester of 20181 must do so before 20/10/2018 and pay the approved postponement fee. Otherwise, the student will be required after this date to apply for regularity and pay the delay fees ( twice the fee approved ).
    • A student who faces obstacles to completion of the registration process correctly as the following cases:
  • Not being able to register all the courses he / she wishes and which are permitted by law.
  • Failure to register the remedial English course due to incompatibility in the timetable.
  • Unable to register for technical reasons.

See the responsible officer according to the table below to address the situation, during official working hours of the University:




the employee in charge


Fayhaa Sports City

Rawan Tarazi


Fayhaa Sports City

Glory of mourning

Information and Communication Engineering

Al Jalaa Sports City

Nour al - Huda Yusuf

Business Administration

Ahmed Youssef

Civil Engineering

Construction of women's shelters

Dima is strange


Building of Quraish

Inam Darwish



University requirements

Anam Aylouti

English Language

Salma Al Azmah

Directorate of Admission and Registration

Al Mezzeh Office

Lina Hassan / Maaz Tayfour / Reem Naguib


Steps of Online Registration:

  • The student chooses the means of transport through the Student Area, and if you do not specify, registeration will be suspended.
  • Then move to the following registration steps:
  • Access to the electronic gate by entering the university website - Services - web portal
  • Access the portal and enter your user name "Student ID"
  • Enter the password that the student uses in " Student area"
  • Go directly to the student's home page:

The student's main page appears in two sections, the first shows the student's information, and the second shows the services available to the student as per his or her condition.

  • Click on the "E-mail" link
  • Click on the "Start Registration" link . The registration home page appears as follows:


This page shows the subjects registered or which will be registered. The status of the subject appears under the Status box, the student is given a sign that shows availability of the subject as shown in the following figure:



A student can add a new subject in two ways:

  • Enter the course number in the Course Code field,
  • Or by clicking the "Add New Course" link as shown in the following figure:

By clicking on the link "Add new course" a page of available courses within a certain range of the plan appears.

 The other part of the Course Description page, the available course sets, and the time of each course are shown. Then click on the "+ Add" link if the course is available for registration, or return to the previous page by clicking "Back"

The timetable can be edited during the registration period as shown in the figure below:


 After you complete choosing the required courses, you must confirm Registration by clicking "Confirm Registration"   as shown in the following figure:

We hope you provide us with your constructive comments about this service and the possibility of developing it in the future, noting that the first semester commences on Saturday 29/09/2018 according to the timetable  announced for each college.


                                                                                                                              AIU President

      Prof. Dr. Tamer El Hageh