About AIU


Prof. Dr. Mohamed Al-Imadi

Bachelor’s degree holder in the Faculty of Law.MA and PHD holder from New York University in the USA.
Chairman of management board at Dour Alnaeem Association for orphans, and Vice Chairman at Syrian Economic Society.
Former Minister of Planning, Economy and Foreign Trade.
Former Director and Head of management board at the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development, and management board at Arab Fund for Social Development in Kuwait.
Former Chairman of the Board of Commissioners at the Syrian Commission on Financial Markets and Securities. Former professor of economics and lecturer at Statistical Training Center and at Planning Institute.
Member of the Supreme Science Council, a member of Supreme Council of Universities, Head of the Union of Arab Economists, a member of Supreme Committee of experts in UNIDO, and the Head of the Boards of Governors at World Bank and the International Monetary Fund in the Philippines. Head of the technical team of the Arab food security, and Vice Chairman of Development Assistance Committee representing Arab donors.
Chair of the Arab Fund for Literacy and Adult Education. Former Chair of the group /24/ for developing countries in the International Monetary Fund. Chair of several sessions of the Council of the Arab Economic Unity, the Social Economic Council and the Boards of Governors of Arab Financial Institutions. Head of Syrian delegations for several Arab, European, Asian and Latin American countries.
Won the award of founding the University of New York, an honour shield form the Arab Students Association in New York and different shields from Arab and international organizations in addition to awards and medals from Western Germany, France, Iran, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Greece, Yugoslavia and Hungary as well as Mercury International Golden medal for productivity development and international cooperation in Brazzaville.
Author of several works in socio-economic development and planning. Authors of several lectures and university memoirs in public finance, the Arab Syrian legislation, national income, Arab economic cooperation, investment and foreign trade.