Scientific research & Postgraduate Studies

Academic Research Organization

The organizational structure of the Deanship of Research consists of:

  • The Research Council, which consists of:
    •  Chairman of the Council
    • Dean of Academic Research
    • Vice Dean of Academic Research
    • Heads of research units
    • External member (Researcher) from other research institute.
    • Secretary of the Council
  • Deanship of Academic Research:
    • Dean of Academic Research
    • Vice Dean of Academic Research
  • Research Units:
    • Pharmaceutical Sciences research unit
    • Informatics and Communication research unit
    • Architecture and Arts research unit
    • Civil Engineering and Building Materials research unit
    • Business and Economics research unit

Each research unit is headed by a researcher working in the same field. Research unit deals with all research in the same field.

A new research unit could be established in the future to be active in a new research area.

  • Research units members:
    • Full time and part time research members of the university academic staff.
    • Researcher from outside the university.
    • Full time and part time researcher appointed and working at the deanship of research.