Mission & Vision


The Faculty of Dentistry at the Arab International University

(AIU) is working to prepare dentists who are highly qualified

and capable of keeping pace with the scientific development

in their field of specialization so that they can provide

the best therapeutic services to the community in its different

categories, serving the profession, the homeland and

the citizen.



The Faculty of Dentistry at AIU aims to:

  • Prepare a highly qualified dentist, able to continue specialized

studies and carry out scientific research that link the

university to the community.

  • Develop the personality of dentists graduates and push

them to excellence and the ability to respond to the future


  • Improve the ability of students to communicate in foreign

languages in order to follow developments and scientific


  • Provide students with the necessary skills to diagnose and

treat dental, gum and oral injuries.

  • Take into consideration the needs of oral therapy and psychological

support for dental patients with special needs.

Provide the necessary knowledge and skills to address oral

health needs in the community.

  • Master strict preventive measures in dentistry.
  • Practice dentistry in accordance with ethical values and

ensure the rights of patients.

  • Cooperate with partner universities in the world to exchange

expertise, scientific and technological information.