Scientific trip to the students of the Faculty of Architecture


The students of the Faculty of Architecture at the Arab International University under the supervision of the Dean. Dr. Mamoun Al-Wara and Administrative Deputy Head of Urban Planning Department Dr. Shaker Tounsi and a group of lecturers at the university visited the headquarters of the implementation of the project behind the Al-Razi in Al-Mazza, including Damascus Al-Sham Holding Company.
The students were given a detailed explanation of the Marotta City project as well as the engineering designs that got the preliminary approval. The project manager explained the phases of the project, the achievements achieved in its history, the importance of the infrastructure and the facilities provided by Law No. 10 for cities planning. The executive director of Damascus Holding Company explained the projects that the company plans to implement in the coming period, including specialized exhibitions and forums, which will include the students of the faculties of architecture and Damascus Holding endeavors to support the dissemination of some of the professional engineering programs that will make a quantum leap in the field of design and engineering work.

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