AIU Signs Scientific Cooperation Agreement with Syria International Islamic Bank


On the basis of the mutual desire to strengthen cooperation between the Arab International University

(AIU) and the International Islamic Bank of Syria, Mr. Tamer El Hageh, President of the Arab International University, and Mr. Abdelkader Dweik, Chief Executive Officer of the International Islamic Bank of Syria, signed on 28-11-2017 a memorandum of understanding aimed at establishing close scientific cooperation It is beneficial to both sides in the field of studies, consultations, research and exchange of banking, academic and scientific expertise and in the establishment of scientific and practical activities in the context of linking the research and educational activities of the University, thus contributing to the achievement of the objectives of economic and Social development.
Under the one-year renewable agreement, the International Islamic Bank of Syria offers training opportunities to the students of the Faculty of Business Administration at AIU and in various disciplines according to the circumstances and possibilities available, in a manner that does not contradict the provisions of banking secrecy. The Bank also offers opportunities to employ outstanding students from the Business School within the framework of the Bank's employment policy.
The university also provides the bank with copies of published research, master's and doctoral dissertations related to the work of the bank.
The agreement was signed at the headquarters of the University in the presence of Mr. Abdul Qader Dweik, Chief Executive Officer of the International Islamic Bank of Syria, Dr. Tamer Al-Hajja, President of the Arab International University, Vice President for Scientific and Quality Affairs, Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration.

On this occasion, Dr. Al-Hajja said that this agreement will provide more scientific cooperation between the University's Business School and the Islamic Bank to support the educational and research process, training, qualification, exchange of experiences and participation in various activities. He also stressed the importance of cooperation between the university and various scientific and economic activities in Syria to enrich the role of the university in society and achieve scientific and practical benefits for its students.

Mr. Dweik stressed the importance of cooperation between the academic educational institutions on the one hand and the companies operating in Syria on the other to fill any future shortage in human cadres and in all specialties. He stressed the need for coordination between Islamic banks during the next stage and academic educational institutions specialized in Islamic banking to encourage cadres to keep pace with the latest technological developments in this rapidly growing sector, with the aim of ensuring that talent and competencies are available to meet the needs of the sector.
He added that the signing of this agreement reflects the Bank's intention to expand the horizons of knowledge and activate exchange and communication between the Arab International University and the International Bank of Syria in all that is reflected positively on society and people.
Al-Dweik also pointed out that the Syrian International Islamic Bank, since establishment, contributes to the support of the community and the development capabilities. This role was manifested through several channels and means, including continuous training for university students in the external workshops. The bank was always present in every training session for students as part of the social responsibility in this area. The bank doors were and still are open to receive university students wishing to train internally in the departments and branches of the bank to develop their energies and experience and give them practical experience to become effective elements in the community.
Al-Hajja stressed that the graduates of the seven faculties are the focus of attention and follow-up of many economic and productive activities in the country. In particular, the graduates of the Faculty of Business Administration are the focus of attention to economic events, banks and commercial companies where the university provides these activities with qualified and efficient scientific cadres.
The International Islamic Bank of Syria was established with a capital of 5 billion Syrian pounds and raised it to about 9.5 billion pounds and began to offer its banking business in the third quarter of 2007.
The number of its branches and offices is 25 branches and offices spread throughout the Syrian regions. The number of customers reached more than 190 thousand by the end of 2016. The bank is one of the largest private banks in Syria in terms of number of shareholders. Among the most important goals of the bank is providing banking services in accordance with the provisions of the Islamic Shari'a, practicing non-interest-based financing and investment in all its forms and shapes, in addition to contributing to the economic development process in Syria through the Bank's contribution to the financing and investment required to meet the needs of development projects in a manner consistent with the provisions of Islamic law, in addition to achieving a lasting and rising growth in profitability and in the rates of return on shareholders' equity.
It is noteworthy that the Arab International Private University was created by Decree No. 193 / 06-05-2005. Two years ago AIU celebrated the opening of the university. The university has set its goals and from the beginning it has become a cultural monument characterized by the ability to prepare a new generation of university degree holders who are equipped with the latest scientific and technical developments, new facts, discoveries and contributions at different levels.

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