Syrian International Researchers: The Top 100, “Syr-index”


Indexing Syrian International Researchers: The Top 100, “Syr-index” Report was launched on Sunday 22nd November 2015 at the Bassel conference hall at the Ministry of Higher Education under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Mohammed Amer Al-Mardini, Minister of Higher Education. The report was prepared by "Higher Education Reform Experts" HERE within the Erasmus + program, the National Office for the program in Syria, the Agency's executive education audiovisual and culture and communication in the European Union EACEA-EU.

The Minister of Higher Education spoke at the seminar about the importance of the first version of the report and the need for updating it annually. Dr. Rami Ayoubi director of Erasmus+ national office in Syria, the researcher Bayan Khalifa, and Engineer Ahmed Firas Hamadeh, members of HERE, explained the approved scientific methodology in the preparation of this report, the adoption of internal indicators of the rating process, the mechanism for collection and preparation of data used in the report, the challenges faced by the setup process, the recommendations raised by the report to follow-up work on the classification of the Syrians researchers, and make this indicator available to those interested in the higher education sector in Syria. Dr. 'Abd-Al-Wahhab Allaf "director of research at the Atomic Energy Commission" as one of the report reviewer, talked about the report content and its extent to match real data regarding his case as one of the top 100 selected researchers, and its importance in the classification of the Syrians researchers around the world. This report is considered as the first report of its kind at the national level in Syria and the Arab region in the classification of the Syrians researchers using globally approved standards.
The seminar was attended by a large number of researchers from all Syrian universities , various research centers and the Atomic Energy Commission.

Prof. Dr. Marwan Zabibi, Vice President of Arab International University (AIU) has attended the seminar accompanied by Dr. Sulimann Mouslli, Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration, Dr. Arif Swidany, Vice Dean of Scientific Research and Dr. Serene Dalati from the Business Administration Faculty.
It is worth mentioning that the researchers Bayan Khalifa and Eng. Ahamd Firas Hamadeh are part-time teachers at the faculty of Business Administration at AIU . Also, Prof. Dr. Allaf is teaching Chemistry at the Faculty of Pharmacy-AIU. In addition, Dr. Suliman Mouslli was one of report reviewers..
The report indicated that there are eight researchers from AIU among the 1058 selected researchers taken in the classification, and Prof. Dr. Mohidien Jouma was among the top 100 selected researchers.
The report can be downloaded from the Ministry of Higher Education site or through the link:   https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/…/Indexing%20Syrian%20Int…

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