Informatics & Communication Engineering

Student Projects

Audio Files Sharing System

After the rise of problems and the risk of the traditional file sharing, we found the solution by designing and programming an automated system specialized to share audio files consists of a website and mobile application..

Vision-Based Arabic Sign Language Recognition

In this project, we facilitate human-machine interaction via hand-gestures captured by a normal webcam. This is accomplished by two subtasks. First, computer vision techniques are used to detect and track a hand, identifyin

Using the Internet for Remote Monitoring and Control

Submitted by: Miriam Bahna Mohannad Dababo Rahaf Murtada Zaid Sukkar

Project Supervisors: Prof. Khaled Yazbek  Eng. Said Al Arfi

 Feb. 2016

ABSTRACT:This work is about a telemetry system integrating a control system, like Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system, with field-based control equipment, like Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), and a communication network like Internet.

In this project, we attempt to design an automation system based on SCADA and PLC, using the Internet to remotely control some functions the faculty of informatics and communication engineering in AIU University. A distributed SCADA scenario is successfully implemented and configured to allow remote access (for control & monitoring) through the Internet including the alarms, trends and reports of SCADA. Different applications were implemented using PLC, like: automatic start of generator, lighting control and temperature measurement and control.

Demo of Project:


Design 2- way (90 out of Phase) Hybrid Junction in Microstrip V

Submitted by Mohamad Bahjat Kerdali Somar Zohrab Nalbandina Mohamad Ali Arbash Ola Ali Alaydi

Project Supervisor Dr. Nawaf Altaweel Eng. Said Al Arfi

Feb, 2015

ABSTRACT :Phase shifters are four-port microwave devices which take an input signal and output in phase and shifted phase version of the original signal. These devices can be used in phased antenna arrays, balanced mixer, and Amplifier. The goal of this work is to construct a hybrid coupler phase shifter which will provide a 90 degree phase shift to a signal with a center frequency of 2 GHz over a 200 MHz bandwidth.

What made this project exceptional is the hybrid coupler phase shifter has not been extensively studied. Some papers have provided rough guidelines for constructing these shifters, but there is little exploration of performance.

This work uses AWR as a simulation tool to provide design analysis, and experimental work was performed in the RF laboratory at the Arab International University “AIU

FM Modulation Simulator

Submitted by Hanan Abu Quaider Fares AlSet Mohammad Ghammazeh Ahmad Zein Ela’abdeen Mohammad Ali Sahtout

Project Supervisors Acc. Prof. Dr. Hanna Jarmoukly Vice Dean for Scientific Affairs MSc. Eng. Tarek Sati

Feb, 2014

ABSTRACT: The purpose of this project is to develop and implement an application that simulates an FM System using C# Programming Language. The application works as a visual aid, and gives the ability to generate three types of input signals with ability to control their parameters (Frequency and Amplitude). The application can also generate a carrier signal ranged at the FM standard band of frequencies (88 to 108 MHz). The main task of the application arises when frequency modulate the carrier signal with respect to the message signal which is already generated (three types). Then, the modulated signal is transmitted over a channel and affected by channel noise–where the user can vary its parameters-.Detecting and recovering the message signal at the receiver end is also a possible process in the application. All the generated signals and the modifications applied to them are displayed on dedicated windows.