Informatics & Communication Engineering

Departments - Communication Engineering & informatics

The Faculty of Informatics & Communication Engineering at Arab International University (AIU), is managed by a Dean, a first Vice Dean for Administrative & Students affairs and a second Vice Dean for Academic & Scientific Research affairs.

The faculty is organized into three Departments:

Basics Science Department

Supervise Mathematics and Physics courses at the faculty. It’s a supporting department, providing a back end support for other technical Departments which supervise faculty Majors upon to its specialization.

 Informatics Department

Manage Informatics courses at the faculty. It’s a specialized department responsible of supervising three of the faculty majors: Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Networks & Systems.

 Computer Engineering Communication Department

It’s a specialized department responsible of supervising two of the faculty majors: Communication and Computer Engineering. And Manage all courses related to these Majors.

Faculty's Administration includes:

  • Administrative chief officer: Head of admistartives staff.
  • Students’ affair office: To take care about helping students in resolving their adminstrative and registration issues.
  • Academic affair office: To manage academic staff files and assist them in their work.
  • Examination office: To administrate Midterms and Final exams at the faculty.