Informatics & Communication Engineering

Communication Engineering & Informatics - Mission & Vision

 Mission and vision:

The Department of Communication Engineering and Informatics at Arab International university (AIU), works on building a constantly developing educational environment through mind-stimulating courses that focus on computing, networking, communications and decision making. The university also insures to graduate eligible Engineers capable of playing a major role in the Informatics and Communication revolution witnessed in Syria and the world today.

 The Department seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  • Graduating skilled IT and Communications Engineers with the ability to achieve leadership in their profession, and compete locally as well as internationally.
  • Nurturing creativity and talent while developing self-reflection in our young learners.
  • Developing the skills of scientific research in AIU students to qualify them for higher studies.
  • Collaborating with European and international partner universities. This allows AIU students to experience a variety of different cultures and techniques.