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Robotics Club

The mission of the Robotics Club is to empower ambitious students with resources to design, build, and program autonomous robots.  In this activity, students will develop analytical thinking, logical reasoning, and teamwork skills. Novice members will start practicing with LEGO NXT MINDSTORMS® kits. In a second stage they will expand their knowledge to more complex platforms like RP6 from AREXX Engineering, or ARDUINO based platforms. In the final stage, members will be free to explore their personal intellectual projects within the spectrum of robotics, taking advantage of the best capacity of the club.

The club aims to form teams capable of participation in international robotic competitions and will fully support them.

Programming Club

Programming Club aims to organize programming activities within the Faculty of Information Technology. The club supervises of training and preparing programming teams for the participation of local, national, regional and international programming competitions.

The club contributes to raise programming level of faculty students through the establishment of free courses, professional courses and workshops. Also the club aims to communicate with the software companies to deepen partnership with these companies through seminars, joint projects and training students in order to inspire job opportunities for graduate students.