Business Administration

Business Administration - Majors

Accounting  (Major)

The primary purpose of Accounting at Arab International University (AIU), is to provide relevant information to both internal users (management) and external users (investors, creditors, government, general public, etc.).  Accounting is an integral part of the management of business and public organizations.  Accountants, therefore, participate in planning, evaluating, and controlling the activities of the firm.  Accounting information is needed by external users in order to make investment decisions, grant or withhold credit, and, in the case of government, to collect revenue and gather statistical information.  In order to provide useful information, accountants collect, analyze, synthesize, and report data in an understandable manner.  After the completion of the major, you will have developed the background and framework necessary to successfully seek professional certification as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Management Accountant (CMA), and/or Certified Internal Auditor (CIA). 

The instructional objective of the Accounting Program at the university, is to provide a well-rounded professional education in accounting.  Such education should provide AIU Accounting students with: (1) a mastery of basic accounting concepts; (2) an ability to think critically and creatively about accounting problems; (3) an ability to communicate and work effectively with others as a team member; (4) an awareness and sensitivity for dealing with ethical concerns.

In addition to the business core, accounting majors are required to complete 88 credits of accounting or department-approved courses.

 Finance, Investments & Banking(Major)

For undergraduate curriculum in Business Administration, major in Finance, Investment and Banking (FIB)

The courses in finance, investment & banking constitute a broad program of study designed to provide a descriptive, behavioral, and analytical background of financial management to enable students to qualify for opportunities in financial services, insurance, brokerage, banking, government, and financial management of business enterprises. Finance at AIU is also an excellent area for those who wish to become more knowledgeable as consumers, particularly in the fields of investments, insurance, and real estate.

Areas of study in the field of finance at AIU, include financial management, investments, insurance, and financial services.

 The instructional objective of the Finance program is to provide a well-rounded professional education in finance. Such an education should provide AIU Finance students with: (1) a mastery of basic financial concepts and methods of analysis; (2) an understanding of financial operations in a global setting and of the role of financial institutions in the economics system; (3) an ability to effectively communicate and work with others as the finance member of a team; (4) an ability to demonstrate leadership capabilities in financial analysis and portfolio management. In addition to the business core, FIB majors are required to complete 94 credits of FIB or department-approved courses.

Marketing (Major)