Business Administration

Business Administration - Mission & Vision

 The Faculty of Business Administration at Arab International University (AIU), is committed to providing its students with distinctive, modern, practical and academic eligibility that coheres with the rapid local and international developments in today’s world of business and economics. 

 The faculty also provides AIU students with ample opportunities and experiences that allow them to further continue their studies or enter the community workforce with aptitude. Here you can find some of these opportunities:

  1. Providing a variety of comprehensive vocational knowledge in the fields of Business Administration, telecommunications, leadership and negotiation.
  2. Improving students’ abilities and eligibility to employ Information Technology in various practical fields.
  3. Providing job and work opportunities through exchanging information and experiences with European partner universities. This allows AIU students to experience and adapt to diverse multi-cultural work environments.
  4. Developing students’ Analytical and Critical Thinking conducive to better decision-making regarding their profound insights in humanitarian, social, environmental and political issues.