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AIU Signs Agreement of Understanding and Cooperation with Damascus Regional Center for International Arbitration


The Arab International University (AIU) signed a memorandum of understanding and cooperation on Wednesday 22/11/2017 with the Damascus Regional Center for International Arbitration. AIU was represented by Professor Dr. Tamer El-Heja, President of the University and Dr. Firas Sanofi, Chairman, represented the Center. The memorandum aims at enhancing cooperation between the university and the center in various fields related to arbitration and benefiting from the academic expertise available at the university in seminars and workshops related to arbitration organized by the center in addition to preparation of joint programs in the field of arbitration. The signing of the agreement is part of the ongoing efforts of the University to enhance its role in society and raise the skills of its graduates and link them to the labor market through cooperation with distinguished private sector institutions in various domains.

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