Business Administration


Business Administration


Sep 2003 - May 2008 Sep 2002 - Sep 2003 Sep 1998 - Sep 2000 Sep 1997 -Sep 1998 Sep 1993 - Sep 1997 PhD Accounting and Finance, The University of Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom M.Sc. Finance and Economics, The University of Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom MA Financial Markets, The Arab Academy for Financial and Banking Sciences, Amman, Jordan. P.G Diploma in Financial and Monetary Economics, The University of Damascus, Damascus, Syria. B.Sc.(Distinction) Economics, The University of Damascus, Damascus, Syria

Member Ship

Member of the scientific research committee of the Syndicate of Financial & Accounting Profession Member of British Accounting and Finance Association

Dr. Sulaiman Mouselli



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Publications in Higher Education
Khalifa, B., Dukhan, O., and Mouselli, S. (2018), “Master degree under crisis: The salient motives of business students to enrol in a postgraduate programme”, International Journal of Educational Management. Vol. 32 Issue: 4, pp.538-549.

Mouselli, S., and Khalifa, B., (2017) Entrepreneurship in Crisis: the Determinants of Syrian Students’ Entrepreneurial Intentions. Business, Management and Education, 15(2), pp.159-173

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Khalifa, B., Mouselli, S., and Abdulraof, R (2016), “Factors Affecting Research Environment at Syrian Business Faculties: A Student-perceived Model”, Business, Management and Education, 14 (2), pp.210-225.

Publications in Health Economics

Jakovljevic, M., Alahdab, S., Jurisevic, M., and Mouselli, S. (2018), “Antibiotic Resistance in Syria: A local problem turns into global threat”, Frontiers in Public Health, 6 (212), pp.1-6. https://doi.org/10.3389/fpubh.2018.00212
Ongoing Research

“Constructing the Reconstruction Process: A Smooth Transition towards Knowledge-based Economy in Post-Conflict Syria”,with Alnafrah, I, submitted to Journal of the Knowledge Economy, 2018.

“Industry Concentration and UK Stock Returns” with A. Jaafar, submitted to Review of Accounting and Finance, 2017.

“The Impact of Tier 1 Sukuk on the Profitability of Islamic Banks listed at Dubai Financial Market”, with Salhani, A. “Disclosure Quality vis-a-vis Corporate Governance: Substitutes or complements?”, with K. Hussainey and Abdulraouf, R., 2014.



Sep 2015- now

Sep 2016- now

March 2011- Aug 2015


Sep 2007 to July 2010 Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration
Arab International University, Damascus, Syria
Module Leader of: International Finance, Derivatives, Islamic Banking, Financial Markets & Institutions, Portfolio Management, Risk Management, Principles of Finance

Director of International Relations Office
Arab International University, Damascus

Lecturer in Finance
Faculty of Economics, Damascus University, Damascus.
Module Leader of: Investment and Portfolio Management, Financial Markets

Teaching and Research Fellow
Bangor Business School, Bangor University, Bangor, United Kingdom.
Module Leader of: International Financial Management
Hen Goleg, College Road, Bangor, LL57 2DG


Sep 2006 to July 2007

Sep 2004 to July 2006

Teaching Assistant
Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom.
Module: Financial Decision Making


Teaching Assistant
Faculty of Economic Studies, University of Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom.
Module: Introductory Econometrics, Advanced Econometrics