Arts - Admission Policy

Students are admitted into the faculty of Fine Arts at Arab International University (AIU), through the following acceptance competitions organized and announced by AIU:

  1. An Art competition for students who want to enroll in Interior Architecture, Visual Communications or Industrial Design.
  2. A competition for students who are looking to enroll in the department of Fashion Design and Industry. Succeeding students may register directly.
  3. Department of Film and Theatre competition. Students obtaining the highest scores may also register directly.
  • Majors with courses that share similar or common subjects with other majors at AIU, will require their students to undergo one preparatory year in the faculty of Arts.
  • In order to obtain the following degrees, AIU students in the faculty of Arts must successfully fulfil 134 credit hours:

- Bachelor of Arts - Interior Architecture.

- Bachelor of Arts - Visual Communications.

- Bachelor of Arts - Fashion Design and Industry.

- Bachelor of Arts - Industrial Design.

- Bachelor of Arts - Film and Theatre (Acting).