Arts - Majors


The Interior Architecture Department at Arab International University (AIU), is a 4-year program that aims at providing a professional education founded on an international curriculum. The department offers an ideal setting that encourages an extensive   education and critical thinking in concept design; while stressing highly on integrating theory and practice with art and technology. The program not only provides AIU students with professional skills and tools but also a cultural art background shaping each individual student with a well-rounded artistic, cultural, qualified, and self-expressive education. AIU further reinforces its objectives through studio design work, art and architecture history, building materials, lighting technology, computer skills and tools, and fine art courses.


In everyday life, we are all consumers of graphic design. From the products we buy and the books and magazines we read, to computer games and Internet graphics, visual communication designers use a variety of media and technologies to target, engage, entertain, and motivate an audience. The Visual Communication Design program at AIU offers a 4-year program that emphasizes appropriate strategic communication through a design process that includes research, analysis, conceptualization planning, and realization. This process leads to innovative visual communication solutions for contemporary design problems that are local to global in scope. The Visual Communication Department aims at educating designers of tomorrow with the expertise to conceive the most compelling visual problems then dwell upon them systematically, applying their practical media skills together with theoretical knowledge so as to offer creative   solutions.