Arts - Mission & Vision

 The faculty of Arts at Arab International University (AIU) aims to graduate scientifically and technically qualified elites with the ability to keep pace with all modern arts and science. It effectively amplifies the rapid and comprehensive movement of development, whether locally or internationally, through applying the following areas of study:

  • Interior Architecture
  • Optical Communications
  • Fashion and Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Acting and Directing film

Embedded within this vision that derives its understanding from thoroughly studying and analyzing the technical and vocational environment in the local community, AIU has set the following goals:

  1. Establishing a theoretical and practical basis in AIU students, this will enable them to operate according to a specific scientific approach.
  2. Developing a strong sense of creativity and aesthetics in AIU students as to provide them with the adequate academic capabilities of critical judgement.
  3. Supplying the local community with scientifically and technically qualified elites capable of building and developing their creative skills in the field of design and creativity.
  4. Contributing to linking educational institutes to internal and external market demands. This empowers AIU students to continuously align their artistic and creative pathways in different fields of design at a global level.