To the students of the university, expected to graduate in the second semester 20172


The university administration is keen to expedite procedures for graduate students, who are also expected to graduate, an automated mechanism has been developed to audit students' data. 
In addition, the graduating student will be able to inquire about the status of the graduation documents (graduation notice, graduation document, grade certificate, wall certificate) and follow-up of the documents and their documentation (through the Graduate Student Documents page

They can also file a complaint or problem through the page follow-up problems and can also see the solution proposed by the administration on the same page.
We have been preparing a new application for this, so we hope that our dear students to start the application by accessing the link: http://grad.aiu.edu.sy/

 And follow the following steps:

  1. Access to the modified personal information screen and press the View Information button to view the information stored in the academic system. The student will modify the data in the event of an error and complete the missing data, according to the existing instructions displayed when pressing the two buttons to display the instructions to modify the data in Arabic and English then click on Save data at the bottom of the page
  2. Uploading the following personal documents (copy of the ID card - passport copy (if any) - photo of the secondary school) through the personal documents download page.

Note that the current application is under test for the current semester 20172, so students are kindly requested to record problems and observations if they appear in order to be avoided and develop the application to reach the desired goal.
We stress that the students expected to graduate in the second semester 20172 should maintain accuracy in filling the required data as contained in the official documents as soon as possible in addition to downloading these documents in order to complete processing graduation documents very fast.
Note: Students grades, who are expected to graduate, will be withheld until the required information is filled out and the required documents are uploaded (except for the passport if it is not present).
We wish everyone success and good luck!

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