The Conclusion of the First Creativity Forum and Honoring the Participating Artists


Under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Maher Kabakibi, President of the Arab International University, and in the presence of Prof. Dr. Tamer Alhajeh, Vice President for Administrative Affairs, and a number of members of the educational staff and invitees and on the occasion of the conclusion of the Creativity Forum 1, the Arab International University (AIU) held an honorary meeting for the artists participating in this forum organized by the AIU Faculty of Arts  and hosted by Damascus Archaeological Citadel.

The artists were honored as follows: Artist Youssef Abdelkai. Artist Asma Fayoumi. Artist Fouad Dahdouh, Artist Bassem Dahdouh, Artist Adwar Shahda, Artist Ghassan Na'ana, Artist Abdullah Mourad, Artist Imran Younes, Artist Adnan Hamida and Artist Nizar Sabour in appreciation of the efforts and the important role played by this wonderful group of the Syrian artists in the success of this artistic and cultural demonstration

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