Honor and appreciation


In the framework of continuous cooperation and exchange of experiences between the General Sports Federation, represented by Mr. Major General Mowaffak Juma, Chairman of the Federation and the Arab International University, represented by its president Dr. M. Maher Kabakibi to qualify and prepare our students, especially in the field of sports activities and requirements, a delegation from the university consisted of Messrs University President, Vice President for Administrative and Students Affairs, and Head of the University Requirements on Thursday, 16.04.2015 visited the General Sports Federation, where they met with Mr. Major General President of the Federation to discuss aspects of cooperation between the two parties. The two sides exchanged shields of the Federation and of the University as a token of cooperation and loyalty for the common interest between them in qualifying and training the young generation, the generation of students. The two sides affirmed the need to continue this cooperation and development to achieve the desired goals.

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