Dr. Nassouh Zaghlouleh


earned his degree in Visual Communications from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Damascus 1982. He also received a Diploma in photography from the National High School of Decorative Arts in Paris 1987. He is the head of the Department of Visual Communication at the Arab League and an international instructor of photography, video art and graphic design. Zaghlouleh taught photography at the International Institute for

Sound and Vision in Paris 2003-2007 and taught photography and technical in Damascus Faculty of Fine Arts in 1983. Zaghlouleh has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Spain and the UAE


2014 Summer Collective Exhibition, Art on 56th, Beirut, Lebanon

2014 Solo exhibition, Art on 56th, Beirut, Lebanon

2011 Conversations with the East, Seville, Spain

Artists of Syria, Barcelona, Spain

2010 Conversations with the East, Madrid, Spain

Conversations with East, Mustafa Ali Gallery, Damascus, Syria

Collective exhibition at Ayyam Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon

Exhibition of young collectors, Dubai, UAE

2009 Exhibition of young collectors, Dubai, UAE

Gallery of Contemporary Art, Istanbul, Turkey

2008 Ayyam Gallery, Dubai, UAE

French cultural center, Damascus, Syria

2007 Gallery Ayyam, Damascus, Syria