Interior Architecture

Research Areas

The phenomenon of narrow and enclosed alleys in Old Damascus, functional requirements and aesthetic implications


PHD. from the National School of Decorative Arts, Paris, Interior Design, 1979 Bachelor of Fine Arts - Department of Interior Architecture,1973

Member Ship

Member of Doctoral and Master Degrees jury, Department of Interior Architecture, faculty of Fine Arts

Dr. Sohail Maatok


Books :

"Arab housing "
"The history of furniture styles"



(from1980-1989)  Lecturer at the Faculty of Arts

(1983)  Designing and Organizing the area of water basins at Ein Al-Fijah and its museum in Qassion, Mountain in contribution with Dr. Abdul Razzaq Maad

(1984)  Distributing and decorating the building of the Hospitality Suite of the Presidential Palace

(1989 till now)  Assistant Professor, Damascus university

(1992)  Participated in the Conference of graduate studies, latakia

(1993)  Designed of the decorated the Syrian suite, Damascus International Fair

(1993 to 1994)  Member of the Jordanian Girls University Council

(from 1999 to 2011)  Head of the Interior Architecture Department, Damascus University

(from 2003-to 2006)  Instructor, Petra University

(2001)  Participated in the development of the study plan of the Faculty of Fine Arts

(2002-2003)  Lecturer at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts

(2007 to 2011)  Instructor of "Interior Architecture in the Arab World "for Post Graduate Students, Faculty of Fine Arts, Interior Architecture Department

(from2006 -to2007)  Instructor, International University for Science and Technology 

(from2010-to 2011)  Member of the technical and financial committee to study and renovate the rooms and suites, Meridian Hotel, Damascus.