Architecture - Organizational Structure


 The Faculty of Architecture at Arab International University includes the following academic departments:

  • The department of Architectural Design and Drawings.
  • The department of Building Science and Construction.
  • The department of History and Theory of Architecture.
  • The department of City and Urban Planning.


Administrative Hierarchy

Dean of the Faculty of Architecture

Prof. Tamer Alhejeh

Vice Dean for Administation and Student Affairs

Vice Dean for Academic Affairs

Dr. Aref Swedani

Dr. Alaa Abdulrahman

Faculty Departments

Department of Architectural Design and Drawings

Dr. Paul Chiniara

Department of Building Science and Construction

ِِAssis. Prof. Salwa Mikhaeil

Department of History and Theory of Architecture

Dr. Samir Salloum

Department of City and Urban Planning

Dr. Omar Kouwatli


The faculty of Architecture grants AIU students a Bachelor of Architecture degree. The duration required to complete this degree is five years on average through which students are required to pass 169 credit hours.