Architecture - Mission & Vision

 The faculty of Architectural Engineering at Arab International university (AIU), seeks to achieve the vision of AIU through producing highly qualified graduates who execute their ethical professionalism using the method of critical thinking.

The most prominent objectives of the faculty are to build talented engineers who master their designs with enriched creativity and who maintain a high level of environmental awareness, enhanced designing skills and a profound sense of social responsibility.

In order to graduate eligible Architectural Engineers, the faculty has provided students with a fair share of vocational training to enable them to comprehend the traditional and modern forms of Architectural Engineering, both locally and internationally.

Historical and theoretical knowledge occupies a seamless position in qualifying our young learners to leverage their architectural identity in the community workforce, and to generate a sense of belonging that will enable them to nurture the human aspect of architectural materials in all their beauty, complexities and challenges.


The faculty’s main objectives are:

  • Graduating Architectural Engineers capable of fulfilling all architectural needs in local and international communities, taking into account their structural dimensions.
  • Exchanging experiences with partner universities in order to enrich the technical and theoretical potentials in AIU graduates and enhancing their ability to deal with diverse cultural environments.
  • Developing critical thinking and creative work in AIU graduates in order to supply the community workforce with highly eligible Architectural Engineers.
  • Developing research capabilities in AIU students and encouraging them to continue their higher studies in various fields of Architectural Engineering.