Architectural competition for students and graduates of the School of Architecture in the Arab International University (AIU) Re-locatable Schools for Syrian Children

Project Description:

The educational situation in Syria has been strongly affected by the crisis in the country where a noticeable proportion of the children lack access to education or have difficulty getting it. However, the destruction and closure of some schools have contributed to this problem which kept them away from learning. In these exceptional circumstances re-locatable schools may constitute an alternative solution to the traditional schools navigate and form a means to find a steady routine for affected Syrian children and an important factor to enhance their psychological stability and self-development. Re-locatable schools may also be a viable solution to gather children at a suitable place that meets the needs of the children as required by the educational process at its primary stage. In addition, re-locatable schools can be used to facilitate continuous learning and awareness-raising and socio-cultural events at certain times.

Within this framework the Faculty of Architecture in the Arab International University (AIU) announces an architectural competition for innovative architectural study of re-locatable schools which can be transferred, used more than once and can be easily and quickly constructed where needed to provide appropriate and inspirational space for pupils and to help them to study and practice their hobbies in reading, drawing and sports.

The aim of this architectural competition is to emphasize the role of architecture in community building especially in exceptional circumstances by contributing innovative solutions and designs that encourage social and cultural interaction and be, at the same time, of low operational and constructional costs.

Time table

  • Design proposals to be delivered on Tuesday, June 9, 2015
  • Results of the competition will be announced on Tuesday, June 16, 2015