AIU Student, Lujain Baghdadi Speaks about her Experience in TEDxArab InternationalUniversity

The graduating MIS student is known for her dedication and love of seeking knowledge. She is a very ambitious student seeking academic work balance with practical skills. She  notably drew the attention of her academic advisor to be nominated for educational exchange program (MIS), and she was the top student in the competition. During her stay in Spain, she sought an internship in an international company to enhance her experience in the job market. She is a tech savvy and an opportunity seeker,  secret of her success and personal growth. Lujain believes that knowledge is only worthy when shared by others and this is what motivates her to spread equality and social justice concepts in an attempt to make the world a better place.

Lujain's talk tackles stereotyping issues, her experience of facing a fixed mindset and her success stories in a lifespan of 22 years