AIU Signs a Cooperation Agreement with the Syrian Investment Agency


Arab International University signed a memorandum of understanding with the Syrian Investment Agency on Wednesday 27 May to cooperate in the areas of exchange of information, studies and research that enrich the investment process and the learning environment.              

Dr. Maher Kabakibi, AIU rector, and Dr. Inas Al-Omawi, vice  general director of the agency have signed the memorandum which was attended by a number of directors of the agency, vice president of the University for academic affairs and research, Dr. Selman Moseley, dean of Business Administration Faculty, and Dr. Victoria khanoof.

The memorandum is to create an electronic library and information bank and prepare sectorial studies in order to find scientific and practical solutions to the problems facing investment in all economic sectors, and identify constraints and difficulties, which object the investment process and ways to overcome them. The memorandum also indicates that agency shall publish the scientific research abstracts published by the University that go in line with the policies and objectives of the agency. The University is to study the possibility of qualifying them to become investment opportunities and then posted on the investment map.

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