Pharmacy - Mission & Vision

The Faculty of Pharmacy at Arab international University (AIU), provides an innovative environment to help AIU students become distinctive pharmacists who are supplied with the appropriate scientific material and applied experience and who possess exceptional researching capabilities, this is achieved through implementing modern study programs that are revised and updated every now and then to keep pace with the global scientific advances of this field.

The faculty of Pharmacy seeks to attain the mission and vision of AIU through graduating eligible pharmacists excelling in all areas related to their branch of study (community pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Industry), in addition laboratory and clinical research.

The Faculty of Pharmacy supplies its students with the required skills to qualify them to work in chemists, medicine industries, laboratories and to counsel the safe use of drugs. It also aims to develop their communication and administrative skills while increasing their sense of responsibility through focusing on Professionalism and Ethics, and through establishing strong ties with European and global partner universities. Furthermore, the faculty conveys the latest scientific and technological expertise to contribute to the process of development and modernization.