Announcement: Receiving Applications for New Students Registration


The Administration of the Arab International University is pleased to announce the start of receiving applications for the enrollment of new students to the following faculties:

Faculty of Information and Communication Engineering

- Faculty of Civil Engineering

- Faculty of Architecture (provided that the student is a successful in the entrance examination in the Faculty of Architecture)

-      Faculty of Business Administration

- Faculty of Arts (provided students pass the entrance examination at the Faculty of Arts)

- Faculty of Law

  As of Sunday, 05-11-2017

To view the required documents and admission requirements, please visit the Office of Admission and Registration located at: Damascus - Al-Mazza highway - opposite Al-Galaa hotel

Or telephone the University on one of the following numbers: 6119341/6119342/6119343/6119344/6119345/6119346/6119345 /

Working days (Saturday to Wednesday), from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

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