A Scientific Trip to Al-Fares Pharmaceutical

On 05.21.2015 the Faculty of Pharmacy made a scientific trip to the Al-Faris Pharmaceutical, accompanied by Dr. Rashid al-Munjed and a number of students specializing in Industrial Pharmacy and Drug Control. The journey included the following:


  • Watch a short presentation by the company's general manager Dr. Nader Chaghlil with explanation of the quality system.
  • See the way of waste control and sewage treatment to make waste water usable for irrigation.
  • Tour the warehouses of raw materials and packaging materials and identify the ways and terms of weight and storage mechanisms.
  • Tour all production departments and see the machinery and methods of pharmaceutical manufacturing.
  • Tour the quality control department and see the cutting-edge laboratory equipment and test methods, analysis and control.
  • Re-meet students and answer their questions.

Al-Fares Pharmaceutical administration has welcomed visits by students at any time.