AIU takes part in the work of the General Conference of the Association of Arab Universities at its forty-eighth session


Arab International University (AIU) participated in the work of the General Conference of the Association of Arab Universities at its Forty-eighth session (Lebanon session), which was held between 25-26 / 3/2015 in the Lebanese capital Beirut at Saint Joseph University (USJ), which coincided with the passage of 140 years since the establishment of the university, with wide participation of more than 200 presidents of Arab universities, as well as heads of international federations, managers, representatives of academic Arab and international organizations and institutions interested in the Arab higher education.

The General Conference adopted at the conclusion of its meetings a number of recommendations and decisions, most notably the approval to hold the next session of the General Conference of the Association at the University of the United Arab Emirates, and the approval of the creation of the Arab Council for Universities Governorship at Jordan Middle East University. In addition, the General Conference approved the allocation of new scientific awards for Arab researchers in the educational, psychological, law, economics, and arts sciences. At the conference, winners of outstanding Arab scholar awards in the field of basic sciences and engineering were announced. A new award for the outstanding Arab scholar in the areas of arts, economics, educational and psychological sciences was also added. The conference also approved the membership of nine new Arab universities to the Association.

In a related context, the General Conference approved the transfer of membership of a number of universities from participating member to a registered member. The Conference also requested the Arab academic institutions to provide support and assistance to the Arab project Attnnal which aims to measure the achievement of linguistic competence (Arabic) through a special examination for native Arabic speakers and non-native speakers.

It also has agreed on holding two seminars, seminar one title is The Role of Arab Universities in Addressing Cultural, Economic and Social Impacts, and the second seminar title is The Impact of Violence in the Arab World on the Psychological and Social Health of Arab Citizens. It has also authorized the amended rules of the primary system for the Federation of Arab Universities, the budget estimates for the current year and the adoption of the final accounts for the year 2014.

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