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Arab International University participates in the Fifth Annual Forum for “Syria Expertise”


The Development and Training Management together with the Public Relationships Department in the Arab International University (AIU) have participated in the fifth annual forum for “Syria Expertise”. The forum was held in Sham Hotel yesterday with a remarkable attendance of expertise, activities and supporters of volunteer, social and developmental work. The agenda of the forum included a “chat” section which exposed a set of ideas discussed by facilitators from Syria Expertise project with the attendants; the discussion revolved around the importance of cooperation and why do we find non-cooperative people in our society. Considering the section of the market of  “public relationships”, it included a set of competitions, drills and challenges which aimed at beseeching the participants to crosslink and communicate with each other. During this section, Dr. Jehad Yakoub, the head of training and development in the Arab International University was honored due to his constant efforts with the university. On the behalf of the university, both Dr. Victoria Khannouf, the in charge of the public relationships and Dr. Rana Adiemeh attended the forum. It’s worthy to note that “Syria Expertise” Project aims at enabling the Syrian youth by enhancing the potentials and developing the skills so that they become productive individuals in society, the project also purposes to fill the gap between the youth and the market.

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