Civil Engineering


Civil Engineering

Teaching Areas

Mechanical Engineering - Materials Resistance - Construction Mechanics - Plasticity Theory.

Research Areas

Mechanical Engineering - Materials Resistance - Construction Mechanics - Plasticity Theory, Nuclear power.


  • Ph.D., University of Paris, 6, Department of Energy Mechanics, 1986.
  • Diploma in Advanced Studies in the Applied Mechanics of Construction, University of Pierre and Marie Curie-Paris, France, 1982.
  • Bachelor of Civil Structural Engineering, University of Damascus, Syria 1970

Member Ship

• Member of the Committee of Seismic Engineering - Structural Engineering - Engineers Syndicate Damascus Branch • Head of the Studies Division of the Atomic Energy Commission with a partial contract, and completion of construction studies for a number of buildings of special character. 1991-1993 Head of the supervision division of the Atomic Energy Commission with a partial contract and follow up supervision of a number of different projects 1993-1995. • Head of the Engineering Department in the Atomic Energy Commission in a partial contract, with follow-up projects under study and implementation and audit of the construction studies of a number of blocks for the buildings of the departments and laboratories 1994-1997 • Head of Structural Engineering Department, Faculty of Civil Engineerin

Dr. Eng. Ibrahim Atiea

Associate Prof

• Supervisor engineer of the cooling warehouses project at the Industrial Projects Execution Corporation, Aleppo, 1970-1971
• Engineer supervisor of the project of electric motor factory / Lattakia / and the laboratory of the universe / Jabla / Industrial Enterprise Execution Corporation 1971-1973.
• Implementation engineer / private sector / for the Faculty of Education project at Damascus University 1975-1978
• Lecturer at the Institute of Engineering Middle East at the University of Damascus for the courses of space - resistance materials - concrete - 1973-1980
• Engineer of construction studies at the residential cooperative association of professional unions in the project of Damar and completion of studies for projects (union club - museum suburb) 1978-1980 and includes:
• The construction studies of the union in the Damar residential project includes an office building - a building of clubs and restaurants - a building of public libraries - warehouses - swimming pool.
• Construction studies of the Damar neighborhood museum building.
• Various construction studies in cooperation with the professional work units in the Faculty of Civil Engineering:
• Construction studies and the executive documentation for the production facilities buildings, laboratories and warehouses of the General Organization for Tobacco, including the administration building, restaurant, kindergarten, ground storage tanks and high reservoir. In partnership with the Geology Engineering and Soil Mechanics Unit.
• Engineering consultancy, studies of support and rehabilitation of earthquake resistance, and auditing studies, in the public and private sectors 1980-2002
• Supervised the implementation of the building of the cultural center and the theater in Deir Attiya and verifying the construction study provided by the company implementing the method of pre-made elements, while achieving the resistance of seismic loads 1998-2000
• Audited of the construction study of the housing project of workers in the Research Center 2001
• Audited of the executive document for the project of adding three floors in the Faculty of Arts, Damascus University, 2001
• Audit of the seismic consolidation and rehabilitation of the General Directorate of Customs, 2001
• Follow-up supervision of the project of warehouses and laboratories of the General Establishment of tobacco in the foot includes the construction of warehouses, laboratories and management building, kindergarten, gas station, workers' club, high reservoir and reservoirs.
• Studied the strengthening of three schools of the Directorate of Education in the governorate of Daraa
• Studied and preparing an executive file for a paper warehouse in favor of Tishreen newspaper, a metal plant with the foundations of Bethune 2002.
• Audit of the study and the executive document of the project of the Syrian Arab Airlines building in Al-Thawra Street, 2002.
• Audited the study and the executive document of the project of the air operations building at Damascus International Airport.
• Audited the construction study for the construction of the central library at the University of Damascus.
• The construction study of Ibn Sina Hospital in Idlib, Dr. Pierre Nano's office.
• Audited the construction study of the expansion project of the Faculty of Science (Biology) - University of Damascus
• Studied the roof of the Radiation Therapy Center at the Nuclear Medicine Center.
• Studied the consolidation of a group of buildings at the University of Damascus.
• Audited the construction study of Al-Qateefah and Qodsia Hospital
• Provided engineering consultancy design studies and implementation of the work and design of mixtures Bettonia and receipt of records executed by the Association of Tourism and Tourism Al-Barakah (Sheikh Zayed villages) 2008-2011
• The construction study of the educational hospital building of the University of Kalamoun in Deir Atia 2010-2011
• Auditedthe construction studies of the steel plant in Adra (Middle East Steel) through the office of Dr. Ramez Raslan 2010-2011
• Examined the seismic support study of Dar Al-Shifa Hospital in Damascus through the office of Dr. Ramez Raslan 2010-2011
• Provided the construction study of the building of the Faculty of Law in Daraa Office of Practice in the University of Damascus 2011-2012


• Seismic design and safety standards for important installations / Eng. Al Arabi Magazine, No. 128/1988 • The basis of analysis of the mutual interaction of soil and established in the seismic design of nuclear power plants / Eng • Structural Analysis of Seismic Loads in a Statistical Equation Method for the Design of Important Facilities / Damascus University Journal Volume 15 Issue 1 1999 / • Evaluation of the expected damage in the pillars of the reinforced concrete bridge pillars under the impact of seismic loads. Methods of improving its performance / Damascus University Journal of Engineering Sciences - An examination of the doctoral thesis (Supervisor Dr.Sat'a Badawi, Participant Dr. Ibrahim Attia and student Khaled Shehabi) • Evaluation of the efficiency of traditional static nonlinear analysis procedures in determining the performance of medium-resistance-resistant biodegradable tires. / Journal of Aleppo University Research No. 102 of 2011 / Thesis of the PhD thesis (supervisor Dr. Ibrahim Attia and student M. Ebtisam Chloe) • The effect of the stable part of the ground movements on the flexible and non-flexible response to the transition of the structural assemblies. Research Journal of Aleppo University Issue No. 98 of 2011 / Research arbitrator of a PhD thesis (Supervisor Dr. Ibrahim Attieh and student M. Ibtisam Chloe) • The introduction of the criterion of the duration of the stable part of the ground movements in the generation of earthquakes consistent with the characteristics of the site and the intersection of the spectrum of their response with the design spectra, Journal of the University of Aleppo No. 103 of 2012 . • Participated in the book "Structural Analysis of Transitions" for third year students at the Faculty of Civil Engineering - Damascus University Press, 1992 • Participation in the book "Mechanics of Construction - Practical part" for students of the third year in the Faculty of Civil Engineering - Publications of Damascus University • The book "Armed Concrete and Execution of Reinforced Concrete Works" by the students of the Mediterranean Institute of Engineering - Damascus University Publications. 1998. • "Armed Concrete and Design of Reinforced Concrete Elements" for students of the Mediterranean Institute of Engineering - Damascus University Publications 1999.