Screening for β-Thalassemia trait carriers in a cohort of AIU students and determining its prevalence (Using Electrophoresis of Abnormal Hemoglobin)

  • 04 Jun 2022
  • Ongoing Research - Pharmacy

Lina Albitar


Post Graduate Studies & Research Council Meeting No. 6, 16/5/2022

Date of Acceptance

β Thalassemia (βT) is an endemic genetic disease to Syria. β Thalassemia Major (βTM) is the main hemoglobinopathy in Syria. βTM is a preventable disorder and Syria, like many other affected countries, has been taking important measures in managing and preventing βTM such as opening treatment centers and launching pre-marital clinics. However, the lack of early detection of βT carriers and the continuation of marriage among carriers are the main factors in the perpetuation of the problem and the birth of newborns affected by βTM. Raising awareness of the disease, screening for βT carriers, and avoiding marriage among carriers are the key solutions. Hence, this research aims to conduct an exploratory study in a cohort of AIU students to screen for βT carriers and assess the cohort’s KAP (knowledge, attitude, and practice) as well as raise awareness of the disease.