The Socio-Cultural Context in Syria Gender-Role Stereotypes and Attitudes towards Female Academics Career Advancement

  • 01 Sep 2021
  • Recently published Research - Business


Lina Ourfali, Alaa Mardam Bek, Serene Dalati

Published in

Journal of Service, Innovation and Sustainable Development, Volume 2, No.1, 2021.


The purpose of this research is to investigate gender role stereotypes and attitudes towards female academic is career advancement in Syria. The research methodology analyzes 100 male and female respondents by distributing questionnaire on Arab International University academics. There are differences between men and women attitudes towards woman career advancement. Research results are generally in favor of women academics work and management. Although there is significant difference between men and women responses. Research limitations are associated with sample size and limited scope. The study focused only on one institution. The Research examines four variables attitudes towards gender roles and women’s career advancement. The results indicate that in general academics have positive to moderate attitudes towards women academics careers advancement and managerial status. There is a significant difference between male and female academics attitudes.

Keywords: Attitudes, gender role stereotypes, women managers, female academics.

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