The Internal University Factors in Determining the Graduates’ Performance in the Labour Market: Evidence from Syrian Universities

  • 20 Feb 2021
  • Published Resarch - Business


Alaa Salhani, Victoria Khnouf, Rania Al-Zrair, Serene Dalati

Published in

International Scientific Conference “Contemporary Issues in Business, Management and Education” (CIBMEE), Conference topic: Contemporary Organizations Development Management, Vilnius, Lithuania, Article ID: cibmee.2019.043, 9-10 May 2019.


Purpose: this study aims to investigate internal university factors that affect graduates’ performance in the Syrian labour market.

Research methodology: the applied methodology employes two questionnaire surveys distributed to a sample of graduates and sample of Work Organizations (WO) for the period from 2012 to 2017. The research uses descriptive and analytical methodologies by applying binary logistic regression, linear regression, T-test and measuring some descriptive statistical indicators.

Findings: the research findings indicate that WO collaboration is the main determinant of performance that is measured by two variables, the first one is being selected in a relevant job, and the second one is a performance at work. Moreover, GPA, attendance, and study’s language are determinants in different levels but less than WO collaboration to the graduates’ performance.

Research limitations: further research could expand the sample and consider other factors like teaching staff and quality standards in order to get more comprehensive results.

Practical implications: universities and business sector can benefit from this research by enhancing WO collaboration as well as curriculums that need to be updated and suited with the need of business. Universities should also consider English as the core language of courses.

Originality/Value: this is the first research in Syria that investigate the internal university factors, taking into consideration two different views of points, the graduates and business sector as well as using many different statistical methods.

Keywords: collaboration, labour market, performance, university.

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