The Role of Social Media in the Social Responsibility in Syria: Evidence from Bank Bemo Saudi Franci

  • 20 Feb 2021
  • Published Resarch - Business


Victoria Kknouf; Majd Khoudari; Ahmad Juratli & Samir Zaien

Published in

Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Management: “People, Planet and Profit: Sustainable business and society”, Gödöllő, Hungary, Volume II, 13-14th June 2019.


Purpose: The study aims to identify the role of social media in CSR in order to assistant the companies in Syria to play their role in CSR.

Design: The study relied on descriptive analytical method based on two tools (Direct observation of the Profile of BEMO Bank, then a questionnaire distributed to a sample of 265 customers and social media users). The first largest Syrian Business working on the concept of corporate social responsibility in Syria is Bank Bemo Saudi Fransi (BBSF). The study’s aim is to identify the impact of social media (Facebook, Instagram and YouTube) on the social responsibility, in order to examine the extent of the Bank’s ability to illustrate its programs and activities, which included four axes: Employment and resettlement, Awareness to the development of services provided to the internal and external Public, Building Trust in the Bank, Paying attention to the environment and the sustainable development, social contributions as well as attracting more investors.

Finding: Through these social responsibilities and activities programs, it is found that through social media means to support the positioning of the Bank and its positive reputation and its impact on the customer’s behavior towards the activities on the social media. The study also illustrates the strong and the dynamic interaction with the audience through comments and the Social Network page.

Research Limitations: Despite of sanctions in Syria not all required statistical data from Facebook was available.

Social implication: The study was about the CSR in Syria which has a good influence on society to encourage other companies to play their role in this section.

Keywords: Social Media, CSR: Corporate social responsibilities, positioning, reputation.

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