Revitalizing Blockchain Technology Potentials in Higher Education in low-income Countries

  • 22 Dec 2020
  • Ongoing Research - Business

Ibrahim Alnafrah - Sulaiman Mouselli


Post Graduate Studies, Research & IR Council Meeting No. 2, 20/12/2020

Date of Acceptance

Higher education systems in low-income countries are usually fragile and sensitive to the surrounding political and economic instability conditions. These conditions pose various problems for students and graduates for universities in these countries especially in terms of lack of coordination networking, and cooperation with international universities. Moreover, the circumstances create instable institutional frameworks of higher education system, which in turn make the process of verification and accreditation of certificates difficult and costly for both students and universities.

This study endeavors to address these problems in low-income countries by introducing an innovative solution based on using blockchain technology in the higher education system. This proposed solution is based on building a national hybrid blockchain-based platform that brings together all possible stakeholders in the field of higher education, including students, universities, government agencies, policymakers, and companies from the business sector. This study evaluates the costs and benefits from establishing this platform and investigates the possible commercialization of its contracts.