• 02 Dec 2020
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Team Sukiyaki wins the Open Street Basketball of the Arab International University

On Monday, 30/11/2020, the Street Basketball Open Championship of the Arab International University was concluded, in which 19 teams of university students from various colleges participated, 6 teams qualified for the second round:
Sukiyaki, Marshmallow, The black, AMA, Tender, Luigi
The second round witnessed the presence of a. dr. Marwan Al-Zebibi, Vice President of the University, and Mr. Mohamed Al-Agha, director of the sports facility, and Ms. Laila Al-Hajjar, Director of Public Relations. The enthusiastic matches were close in terms of level, but three teams qualified for the final and they are: Sukiyaki, Tender, Marshmello and they played a three-team league and the title is won by the team that succeeds by winning twice out of three matches, and the championship was decided for the Sukiyaki team first, then the Marshmello team, and finally the Tender team
The performance of the players, Omar Adlabi, Khalil Khoury, Obada Asfari, was distinguished during the tournament
Prof. dr. Marwan Al-Zebibi, Vice President of the University, delivered a speech to all participants, urging them on the importance of sport and crowned the owners of the three centers