• 08 Aug 2020
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The special conditions required for the entrance examination in the College of Arts, the Department of Theater Arts and Film Directing

The Arab International University announces readiness to receive the new class of applicants to study the art of acting or film directing for the academic year 2020/2021. In order to provide an opportunity to prepare for the admission examination conducted by specialized committees, which is a condition for admission, the university draws the attention of applicants to the required conditions and advises to start preparing.
The University is fully prepared to answer any question via the university administration phones.
Conditions required for film acting and directing:
1. Secondary school certificate in all its branches.
2. Passing the interview examination before specialized committees, which includes:
First: Acting Section:
1. Presenting a scene in Standard Arabic from an Arab or foreign play.
2. Presenting a silent scene from real life.
3. Read a passage from a poem or a short story.
4. Executing exercises or improvised scenes requested by the committee.
Second: Film Direction Section:
1. Submit a video. A short documentary or film filmed with any type of camera (including a mobile phone camera), not exceeding 3 to 5 minutes.
2. Submit a written screenplay of no more than 2 A4 pages.
3. Provide 5 photos that tell a story.
4. Participate in a discussion with the relevant committee about general information about cinema. and common knowledge.
We wish you the best .. 
For inquiries about registration or financial installments, please browse the admission and registration page on the university website