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Trends and Issues in Global Tourism 2007

The ITB Convention Market Trends & Innovations has developed into a center of excellence and a driving force for the global ...

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Trends and Issues in Global Tourism 2008

This book offers insight into important trends in the global travel and tourism industry and analyzes developments in the ...

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Trends in Business and Economic Ethics

A growing body of academic and business specialists are paying attention to ethical issues in business and economics, drawing ...

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Trust within Organizations of the New Economy

Marco Tulio Zanini examines the effects of different industry-specific institutional framework constraints on the level of ...

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Two Minds

intuition is warm and fuzzy, qualitative, not measurable. Economics, on the other hand, is quantitative, and if it is not ...

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Uncertainty and Risk

We all feel that our world is fundamentally uncertain. But less unanimity emerges as to what we mean by "uncertainty" and ...

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Understanding Competitive Advantage

This book is about competitive advantage and how it is created at the company level. Our theoretical starting point is that ...

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Une politique mondiale pour Nourrir le monde

Edgard Pisani, whose work in favor of French and European agriculture as well as of development is known, brought together ...

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United States and European Union Auditor Independence Regulation

There is a difference in the communication and safeguarding effects of a regulation, depending on the precision of its wording. ...

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Urban Transportation Planning in the United States

The book focuses in-depth at the most significant event in transportation planning--the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1962; ...

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Using Discrete Choice Experiments to Value Health and Health Care

Using Discrete Choice Experiments to Value Health and Health Care takes a fresh and contemporay look at the growing interest ...

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Utility Maximization, Choice and Preference

The utility maximization paradigm forms the basis of many economic, psychological, cognitive and behavioral models. Since ...

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Vacation Queueing Models

A classical queueing model consists of three parts - arrival process, service process, and queue discipline. However, a vacation ...

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Valuation in Life Sciences

Valuation is a hot topic among life sciences professionals. There is no clear understanding on how to use the different valuation ...

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Valuation in Life Sciences

This book recognizes that there is no consent on how to apply valuation methodologies in life sciences. One of the complicating ...

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Value Chain Management in the Chemical Industry

Supply chain management helped companies to manage volumes, fulfil customer demand and optimize costs in production and distribution. ...

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Value Creation in European Equity Carve-Outs

The total volume of equity carve-outs (i.e. IPOs of subsidiary firms) in Europe over the last 20 years amounts to approx. ...

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Value Creation in Leveraged Buyouts

Over the last years, buyout activity has risen dramatically - especially in Europe - sparking intense public discussion about ...

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Value Creation in Successful LBOs

Daniel Pindur analyzes value creation in successful LBOs on investment level conceptually and empirically from an LBO equity ...

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Valuing Environmental Amenities Using Stated Choice Studies

This book provides practical, research-based advice on how to conduct high-quality stated choice studies. It covers every ...

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Total Books: 841 - 860 /871